Addiction usually occurs as a result of mental disorders or emotional struggles you are going through. You may turn to alcohol or drugs whenever you reach a certain high or low in your life. As a result, your brain forms a dependency on your substance of choice. A meditation therapy program can address your disorders in a healthy manner.

New Freedom Academy offers a comprehensive meditation therapy in New Hampshire to help you manage your symptoms of addiction and any mental disorders. If you are looking for a holistic therapy program in New Hampshire, then meditation therapy is a good starting point. Meditation provides healing from the destruction that addiction can cause.

How Meditation Works in Therapy

One of the core elements of meditation is stimulating the connection between your mind your body, i.e., your thoughts and behaviors. During an individual therapy program, meditation helps you relax and fall into a state of serenity. Once you are in this state, you can identify negative thoughts that plague your life. You learn to manage these thoughts and react in an appropriate manner.

person is participating in a meditation therapy program

While meditation encompasses a range of techniques, the goal is always the same: Find inner strength and healing within. During your session, your New Freedom Academy therapist presents different ideas and concepts to help you master a technique. Your sessions may start out short – only a few minutes. As you get better and improve the technique, your session may last longer.

How to Get the Most Out of a Meditation Therapy Program

Our meditation therapy program provides the perfect opportunity for you to learn mediation. If you would like to make the most of every session, then we recommend these tips such as:

  • Make sure your room/setting is quiet and free of all distractions
  • Get into a comfortable position – lie down or sit down
  • Focus on long slow breathes – in your nose, out your mouth
  • Follow your therapist’s instruction and practice what they teach you
  • Keep an open mind – you do not have to understand everything at first
  • Start out with short sessions and slowly work your way to longer sessions

Don’t worry about getting it perfect at first. Trying to do too much too soon will only create anxiety and stress. This defeats the purpose of meditation. Also, don’t resist the thoughts in your mind. Allow them to occur. This is called acceptance. Accepting what is without resistance allows you to meditate peacefully.

Meditation as a Treatment for Addiction

It is important to understand that mediation is not a primary form of treatment for addiction. If you are to conquer your addiction, then you need to undergo professional therapy, support groups, and aftercare. You can discuss your primary care with your therapist.

With that in mind, meditation is a powerful form of supplementary therapy that you can take with you long after your primary treatment has concluded. Furthermore, you can practice meditation anywhere at any time in any environment or situation.

Meditation can help you manage your triggers and temptations in a real-world scenario. When you are tempted to drink, you can stop what you are doing and meditate. Addiction happens when you are not aware of your inner being or outer surroundings. Meditation helps you to focus and become more aware so that you can back out of your temptation and prevent a relapse.

Find Out More About Our Meditation Therapy Program

Are you seeking additional forms of treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction? Then try our meditation therapy program. New Freedom Academy can connect you with holistic therapy in New Hampshire. To find out more, call us today at 866.420.6222. We are here to help you get on the road to recovery.